I woke up just feeling kind of off- missing my cat way too much, kind of missing home, and feeling a little unsettled. I thought to myself “okay I can do it, let’s get through this day” I then decided to write down everything I am thankful for, because honestly I have so so much. We all have the off days- the days where we don’t feel good enough, where we are missing something or someone, but if we spend our time missing, comparing, and feeling inadequate, then we are missing the beauty of what is now. The amazing day we have, the incredible life that we are living. Life is seriously a huge blessing and even the rough patches are things we should be thankful for as well, because they help us grow and make us appreciate the amazing experiences all the more-    
             Today I am thankful for my strength, that I was strong enough to move without any sort of job or stable living situation (now I am finding myself settled and so happy:) I am thankful for my cozy apartment with beautiful room mates who inspire me to be myself and stay positive. I am thankful for pumpkin candles, the job that I have, twinkle lights, playing guitar and writing songs, food in my fridge, my beautiful and caring and unconditionally loving family, and my friends who have become my family. I am so thankful for yoga, It has changed my life and opened my heart and I don’t know where I would be without it. I am thankful for my doctors who I have developed caring relationships with. I am thankful for my therapist Deb who even though I no longer see, I still think about her so much and she did so much for me. I am thankful for this massive tie dye shirt that I am wearing, for my comforter on my bed, for the care package my grandma sent me, for the trees outside, and for the ocean which is where my soul thrives and flourishes. I literally could list everything I am thankful of for years and years now that I started, and I know that I am blessed, I am where I am supposed to be in life and I accept the hardships because that means I’m really living. I welcome every obstacle that comes because I know that I am strong enough to get past it because I have so much to be thankful for in each present moment. Be thankful for today:) 

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