Sandy Hook

My heart just breaks for everyone connected with the shooting at Sandy Hook last week.  It's a level of tragedy that I can barely comprehend.  In moments like these, I have always found a degree of stillness and peace through prayer.  The following, written by a friend, helps to restore some sense of hope and tranquility in my heart and mind.

O God, our hearts break with your heart as we hear the news of children and adults killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. We cry out with fear, anger, and despair. God, comfort those who have lost loved ones. Strengthen law enforcement officers and public officials. We also pray for the family of the perpetrator. It is not lost on us, God, that this tragedy has occurred in the midst of Advent, the season where we celebrate your light coming into this dark world and your love becoming flesh in the midst of our mess.  We need you to come once again and enable us to reflect your light so that the world will know that you are stronger than death and more loving than hate, and that nothing will separate us from you. Amen. 

by Charley Reeb, Senior Pastor Pasadena Community Church, St. Petersburg Florida

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