An Intentional Thought: Addicted to Hurry

My home church has started a whole new small group program where we're studying a phenomenal book, Addicted to Hurry, on how to slow our lives down, and intentionally live at a spiritual pace.  I, of course, joined the only all women group, which happily involves lots of wine drinking.  Obviously, it's been amazing.  This week our topic was seeing more clearly, and taking the time to notice the little things.  I must have really needed to hear this, because I have SO taken it to heart, and now all I can do is see the many awesome things my life is filled with!

My way too cute cat, Narnia, who hates snuggling just as much as I love it.

New Halloween decorations (I'm a sucker for anything with glitter).

Really really ridiculously good food.  Like from Chef Chu's.

I am very blessed!  And sometimes I forget to be thankful for they everyday things that make my life so wonderful.

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