A Feminist Thought: Women in Horror Movies

Miss Representation emailed out a video this past week discussing female roles in horror movies.  It's kinds long (11 minutes) but makes some really good points.  They discuss the Bechdel test (Are there two or more women, who have names, that speak to each other about anything other than a man or children?), the age of women that are evil vs. victimized, and some positive examples too.

There's a Twitter chat on the representation of women in horror films today from 1-2 pm PT, tweet to @rev_melissa and @RepresentPledge using #DamselInDistress to follow the conversation.  I'm going to TRY and participate, I'll be at work then, so I may only get a few tweets in. Follow my feminist rants and ramblings at @missmarissak_.

Watch the video for more information!

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