A Feminist Thought: Republicans on Rape

With Richard Mourdock's recent comments on rape following so quickly after Todd Akin shoved his foot in his mouth with his take on it, it seems that the definition of rape is back on the board.  (Which is something I truly don't understand - if a person doesn't want to have sex, that's rape.  That's it.  That's all it comes down to.)  Here are some fun graphics I've seen lately that sum up the situation pretty well.

via Facebook.

There is a definite rape culture that still exists in America, and it boils down the fact that men think they can control a woman's body regardless of what women think.  Todd Akin, who thinks women's bodies can automatically prevent pregnancy in a "legitimate rape" is on the House Committee for Science, Space, and Technology.  Romney very publicly endorses Mourdock's candidacy for the U.S. Senate, despite his inappropriate comments.  Scared yet?  You should be.

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