How Goes it With Your Soul? - Guest Post by Kristen

True religion is real living; living with all one's soul, with all one's goodness and righteousness.


I’m apart of a small community of young adults that meet to talk about their faith. The other day we talked about the soul. Often times someone will ask you how you are but not really expect you to answer. The times when you do answer you tend to respond with your physical wellness. But if you are truly trying to understand how someone is maybe you should focus on the condition of their soul, their spirit, and their heart. 

Maybe we should spend the time ourselves to really focus on how our own souls are. Over this past summer I have been doing that and it is rather difficult. I tend to shy away from really discussing my emotions because, well, I don’t like to put them out there. But discussing them, talking about them, really getting to understand what you want and how you are almost has a way of validating everything that you are feeling. Human beings are social creatures; we need to rely on others to help us sort through our various feelings. If someone tries to make an effort to be in your life and to help you with your soul, you should let him or her. There are too few people in this world who are willing to open up and help a stranger with their own problems, but we should all strive to be that person.

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