The F-Word

No, not the one you're thinking of.  F is for feminism!

I really love the approach that English take with women's rights.  They are open minded and quite real in all the discussions I've seen, whether its newspaper articles, blog posts, or just conversations I've had with other Brits.  Feminism is an all encompassing term, and has a different meaning for every individual, which seems to be embraced here, much more so in the States.  In my experience, the term 'feminism' still has the connotation of radical, hairy legged, bra burning women, which of course is so far from the truth.

In keeping with the progressive spirit of the British, I've been reading an amazing blog discussion UK feminism, called The F-Word.  Women from the UK post their views on feminism and current events in relation to women from every angle imaginable.  I love the diversity of the stories and the writers, as it presents a wide range of opinions and ideas that better reflect the views of actual women across the UK.

Check out their blog here or their Facebook page here.

Image from The F-Word.

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