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As a self proclaimed fashionista, I've had to reconcile my incrediable love for clothing with my likewise incredible feminist views on gender equality. Sometimes I struggle with the idea that I may just be contributing to the very inequality I hate every time I put on makeup or spend extra time in the mornings on my hair. However, I think as long as I'm dressing to celebrate my femininity and self-esteem, and not dressing for my feminity and self-esteem, I believe I'm on the right track. I love fashion and I love putting together outfits, and as long as I do that for myself, and not to "keep up" with society, then I think I'm on the right track. Speaking of keeping up with society, Miss Representation, in conjunction with many other feminist organizations, is doing a three day Keep it Real Campaign this summer. I love the idea of it! Here are the details: 

Presented by SPARK Movement,, I AmThat Girl, Endangered Bodies, and

Schools out for the summer, and for millions of women and girls all over North America, the “hot summer body” pressure is on. Yet instead of taking up the media-constructed “challenge” of fitting into a bikini, we’re empowering you to put the pressure back on the magazines that perpetuate such unrealistic standards of beauty for women everywhere. We’re challenging them to Keep It Real so that young women can focus on the important things this summer: fun with friends, being active and creating positive memories that last a lifetime! 

We want print magazines to pledge to use at least one non-photoshopped image of beauty per issue. 

Day 1: Tweet itUse #KeepitReal on Twitter to challenge magazines to drop photoshop.

Day 2: Blog ItUse your voice to tell the world why photoshop needs to go. 

Day 3: Capture ItTake pictures of what real beauty means to you and post them with #KeepitRealChallenge for a chance to be featured on a billboard in NYC - the heart of the magazine industry!

Learn more at

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