International Slutty Women's Day

A little late - but Ann Friedman put together a brilliant "Story in GIFs" for International Women's Day.  To view it all on her website, click here.

The year was 2012. Women were basically just hanging out.
You know, doing lady stuff.
We'd gotten used to the fact that, for decades, people have been trying to tell us what to do.
That we should pay attention to our ticking biological clocks, lest we become dried-up old spinsters. 
That we should/shouldn't/should settle and marry a dude who sucks. 
That we're a drag on society if we choose to have babies without marrying, but that abortion is objectively wrong (well, except in cases when some dudes say it isn't), so we can't choose if and when and how to have one. You know, for our own protection.
That we were asking for it.
This is just an unending onslaught of bullshit! It is so tired. I mean, how many times do we have to remind you to get your laws—and sometimes your actual hands—off our bodies?
And now, the latest: that we're sluts if we use birth control?!
Let's reiterate: Now we're sluts if we don't have abortions? Apparently this term applies to anyone with a
Wait, what?
This makes us want to hurl.
Or maybe just drink copious amounts of boxed wine.
But the thing is, we're pretty used to fighting these battles. We see your side-eye when we buy Plan B.
We've driven our friends across state lines so they can get an abortion without your stupid 24-hour waiting period.
We've footed the bill for not only our own birth control pills, but for the backup box of condoms. Now you want to make it even harder to get contraception? We are over it. 
In case you haven't noticed, you are old and increasingly politically irrelevant.
So please, COME AT US, BROS.
Let's fight this one out.
Because women (and people who respect women's autonomy) are a pretty significant portion of the population.
Seriously. And have a very happy International Women's Day.

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