Fashioning Change: The Answer to Ethical Fashion?

Adriana Herrera has an AMAZING new startup company that sorts out ethical, eco-conscious fashion options in lieu of all the big brand, fast fashion that's shoved in our faces on a daily basis.  Hamish McKenzie wrote an article highlighting the brilliant concept behind the startup:

Herrera told me about how Fashioning Change was about to launch a new product recommendation tool called Share the Goodness.  Essentially, if you have an account with Fashioning Change, this tool pulls in all your Facebook friends, takes note of their interests and Likes, and then matches that data to fashion items within the Fashioning Change catalog. You can annoy your friends by pointing out that instead of buying that top from J Crew, they really should consider this alternative from Fashioning Change, which is the same price and style but doesn’t kill any polar bears.

I love the 'Wear This, Not That' program - it shows you brand name items and gives eco-friendly alternatives.

Check out the website here.  It's doing some beta testing, so it's a fantastic time to join and give them feedback to cater the website to what you want!  Plus, as a feminist, it's important to support women in their quest to change the world.  So enjoy!

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