Buttons and Bows

I've been really good about shopping second hand.  I've only broken it once on this adorable dress...

The other day I scored an awesome find at Goodwill - this grey wool skirt, for only $5!  However, one of the buttons was missing.  Sad day.  So instead of going out and buying new buttons, I decided to reuse some from an old shirt that's way too small and I'll never wear again.

Old shirt:

New buttons!  The shirts a dark purple and the skirts dark grey, so I like the color combo.  It adds a little funk to an otherwise straight laced skirt.

I had all this extra fabric, and I've been wanting to make a big hair bow for forever, so viola!

Oh the success of second hand shopping.

I still struggle with my attempts at being one less person to contribute to the demand of clothes made by companies that use sweatshops, don't pay a living wage, and aren't environmentally friendly.  It seems to be the easy way out - so until I can figure out something maybe a little more impactful, I'll just continue down this road.

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