Miss Representation

I wrote my thesis on the role feminism plays in the election of women to both the House of Representatives and the Senate, so I thought I had pretty much learned all there was to know about women in politics.  However, last week I went to a screening of Miss Representation, a documentary on how women are portrayed in the media.  I realized that I've just barely scratched the surface!

Watch the trailer - it's 8 minutes and gives just a brief overview of the in depth analysis and eye opening information that me movie covers.  Then find a screening near you - Miss Representation Screenings.

I'll leave you with this last thought - feminism has been deemed to be the response of women rising from oppression and deciding that we will not fulfill the gender roles that society and the media has placed on us.  But what about the gender roles that men are forced into?  There's a really well written and interesting article by Alex Gibson called "Why men should care about gender stereotypes".  Read it here.

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