Her Royal Highness

For the past two weeks Kate Middleton and that guy she's married to toured Canada and LA, which was really just an excuse for her to show off her mad fashion sense.  I'll hand it to her, girl knows how to work her clothes.  She always picks the most flattering cuts and silhouettes, and consistently looked put together.  It also helps that her waist is the size of my wrist.  I do wish she had been a bit more daring, but as one of her first official outings as a Duchess, I think her choice of a conservative, polished look was well thought out.

Some of my favorite outfits:

Why yes, I've brought sleeves back. You're welcome darlings.

Oh my, this isn't a red carpet!

Darling,  you mean I'm supposed to touch this?

Oh yes, posing with random objects comes with the job, you know.

Tell me again darling, why are we in Canada?

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