Goodbye and Hello

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I'm saying goodbye to this blog, and hello to a new one.  Once Upon a Time has provided me with a creative platform to express my full life, a life of faith, feminism, and fashion-awe.  I greatly enjoy blogging, however the theme and content of what I wish to share about has shifted over the years, so I've decided to sign off on this chapter in my life in order to conquer a new one.

The new me is very much the same and very much different.  I have an awestruck mind full of adventure-wishing, faith doubting, women empowering, and life lusting things.  I'm moving to London and embarking on a life of suitcased wandering, if I have it my way.  My still heart leaps at the elegance of a silken dress in a bright and dreamy photograph, and more than ever am I working to ensure women are celebrated for more than our beautiful bodies.

So, if you think you're up for the full spectrum of life of one complicated human, then do join me over at The Shabby Suitcase.  See you soon!  xx

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