The Book of Mormon Girl

"But this was the very point of it, the very point of everything: our spirits had been sent to earth to persist agains the weak and messy medium of our bodies, one foot in front of the other, until we reached higher places."

I just finished reading "The Book of Mormon Girl" by Joanna Brooks and highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about the crossover between feminism and faith.  I've been very blessed in that my church has cultivated my growth as a feminist.  The pastors and church members at Los Altos UMC have not just supported but encouraged my exploration of the overt sexism that can be found in Christianity.  Not once have I been asked to quiet down, and more often than not, I'm asked to speak up more.

Unfortunately for Joanna, her experience with being a faithful feminist has been the complete opposite of mine.  She wrestles with her own faith and it's humanity, and provides some really heart warming stories about growing up in a Mormon church.  It's a really wonderful story, check it out!

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