Tea People

Tea time in Bath.

I am a tea person.  Forever and always.  Occasionally when I'm feeling whimsical I'll venture into the coffee world and sip on an iced latte for an afternoon, but it never quite holds a candle to an excellently brewed cup of Earl Grey.  My friend sent me this great article about tea vs. coffee people, which pretty much sums up my existence as a tea person.

"Tea People: Few things are more overrated for you than having an active social life. You see all the people who are constantly going out to these parties and bars and Roman orgies and you’re like “Really? Haven’t they heard of Dr. Who?” Also, if you do end up getting dragged to a house party, you are most likely going to be found in the corner, hanging out with the family pet and trying to talk to it."

Hah!  My life to T.  Read the whole thing here.

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