Ethical Christmas Gifts

While I love the idea of making a donation in honor of someone for Christmas, I realize it's not very realistic for everyone (even me!) to stop buying gifts altogether.  Here are a few sources for great gift ideas that still give back to the global community in one way or another.  

Do your part to protect mother Earth by using and giving handmade, eco-friendly gifts! Incorporating handmade production practices vs. factory-produced goods into your life significantly cuts down on your carbon footprint.  Many products offered are made from recycled newspapers or repurposed fabric. The fabrics use natural fibers and the jewelry uses naturally fallen seeds.  All items are fair trade.

Green yoga is good yoga! Living kindly and reducing our earthly footprint is part of the yogic principle Ahimsa. When you give eco friendly yoga goodies, you’re gifting a happy, healthy planet in addition to surprising someone with delightful (and useful!) wares.

Krochet Kids International is a non-profit organization who sells warm hats, cute accessories, and trendy t-shirts for all the loved ones on your Christmas list. Their hats are hand made by women in Northern Uganda and Peru, with all proceeds returning back to the woman, her family, and her community. Their values are simple:

People: We desire holistic freedom for our people to grow and enrich their lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Our Product: We believe in quality, handmade products that not only bring comfort and style but serve as a vehicle for social change.
Love: We believe actions rooted in love bring lasting and powerful change. Our model for love is that of the ultimate servant: Jesus.
(blurb put together by the lovely M)

Happy shopping, and remember - you vote with your dollars!

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