Half the Sky

Tonight at 9pm PBS is airing Part 2 of an amazing documentary called Half the Sky.  It's based off of the book, which discusses women's health and sex trafficking in third world countries.

In more words, here's the premise of the stories they're telling...

These are the stories of individuals who represent hundreds of millions of women and girls around the world who are victimized and abused, denied access to education, medicine or property, prevented from reaching their full potential and contributing in more meaningful ways to their communities. These are stories of dehumanizing violence and discrimination. But these are also stories of struggle and victories, large and small, in the face of the longest odds.

Each of these stories puts a human face to an otherwise abstract idea or string of statistics that could never convey the true human cost of the discrimination and abuse suffered by hundreds of millions. These stories also illuminate the spirit of perseverance that is embodied by the women and girls who face these violations each day, and those who have made it their life's mission to help them.

- PBS.org

Reasons why this is a must see:

1.  As a person of faith, I feel called to learn about the injustices in the world so I can better understand how to change them.

2.  As a feminist, it is so important to stand in solidarity with out sisters around the world who still face horrible oppression, of which I can barely fathom.

3.  In my personal attempt to live a more intentional life, I need to stay informed about what's going on in the world, both the good and the bad.

3.  The things discussed in this documentary are really not discussed elsewhere in our society.  Women's health is still so taboo that it is rarely discussed as openly as it is in this movie.  I didn't even know what a fistula was until I read Half the Sky.  I also naively thought sex trafficking was a rarity, and that when it happened justice was always dealt.  

Watch Olivia Wilde talk about Half the Sky on Jon Stewart last week.

Buy the book here, and learn more about the Half the Sky movement at www.halftheskymovement.org.

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