Peplum and Wine

This weekend I went wine tasting with a group of friends for Annemarie's birthday (check out her blog here).  I thought this would be an awesome time to bust out my absolute favorite orange peplum skirt.   

At de la Montanya.  

At Sbragia.

Second hand I bought:  Gap tank from Goodwill, brown leather bag from Goodwill.
Other:  Topshop necklace, skirt from Anthropologie (with a gift card, don't worry!), shoes from Old Navy, sunglasses form Walgreens (from an emergency stop on the road after I lost my other pair). 

So far I've had a very successful year of shopping second hand.  I did cave a few times in Europe and buy some new pieces, BUT otherwise I've done really well!  Along the way I've had to come up with a few new rules regarding what I can and can't buy second hand, and here's an updated list:

1.  If I have a gift card, it's totally fine to buy new clothes.  The money's already been spent so thoughtfully by the gift card giver, and it would be quite inconsiderate not to spend it, right?
2.  Shoes are my splurge.  First off, it's incredibly hard to find shoes in good condition, my size, and my style.  I've allowed myself this one item to splurge on, so I don't confine myself too much and end up dropping the whole second hand goal completely.

Now that I'm more than halfway though the year, I can say that so far I've had a lot of fun branching out in my style and focusing on the impact my dollar has around the world!

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