A Literary Thought: The Defining Decade

I moved home a little over a year ago, and have had the best adventures of my life thus far.  I've come back to a community at LAUMC that I so dearly love, have fostered my passion for social justice and women's rights, and started dating the best man I know.  But at the same time, I've been shaken to the core by pressure and expectation, and my stress level has rocked higher that I thought it could ever go.  

I have grown up with the notion that my twenties are supposed to be the best years of my life.  I'm supposed to explore, travel, find myself, and channel my inner creativity, while at the same time work my ass off and begin an intense and highly successful career path.  

I think I've done the first part of this well.  I look at people who jumped immediately into their careers right out of college, and I feel sorry for them.  But at the same time, I now feel like I've been procrastinating, and putting my future on hold, so I can have the adventure that I'm supposed to be experiencing.  Couple that with over scheduled weeks filled doing too many things I love and unavoidable family drama with people I love, and life gets hard! Fast!

As I've been struggling with how to get a better grip on my life, my friend Julia told me about this book she just read - The Defining Decade.

Just a few chapters in, this book addresses everything about my life that I'm worrying about.  I'm not a huge "self-help" book advocate, because I firmly believe that acting to change my life is better than thinking about changing my life, but sometimes it's nice to see in writing what I'm struggling to put in words.  It's really lovely to have someone tell me not only that I'm not alone in my internal struggle, but that it's ok that I'm feeling a little lost right now!  

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