You Can't Be What You Can't See

I've just now realized I haven't made a post about Miss Representation yet - a travesty!  This documentary has hit me full force and forever knocked me off the path I was going down.  My new path is now one of cultural awareness and feminine power!

Watch the trailer, get inspired, and then buy it so you can watch the whole thing.  Believe me, it will be a real asset to your DVD collection.

One of the quotes from the movie that has stuck with me the most (now that I've seen it three times) is as follows:

"To every woman: It’s time to stop criticizing each other and the choices that we make and start saying 'Hallelujah sister! Whatever gets you through!'"

Though I can't recall who said this, the sentiment has been tattooed on my heart.  Women and girls are conditioned by society to compete, contrary to what we need.  Women more than ever need a supportive community to empower one another to embrace the inner feminine power in each of us.  I for one have done my best to stop questioning and judging the actions of the women, and all people for that matter, that I encounter on a daily basis.  It's a very tough transition, as judgement of others has been ingrained in my every day life, but I will do my best!

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