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One of the hardest things about my shop second hand rule was giving up H&M.  It's by far my favorite store - friendly to the wallet, incredibly stylish, and European (my favorite part about it).  And really the hardest part for me is how easy it would be to slip up and just grab one dress!  Or one skirt!  Anyways, I was beyond excited to hear that they are trying to turn things around and become more ethically conscious.  I really hope they make it work, because then I could add H&M back to my list of places I can shop!

The Guardian did an article on a report H&M released detailing their sustainability efforts:

Thursday's report will show some impressive sustainable figures: for example nearly 2.5 million pairs of shoes were made last year using lower-impact water-based solvents; all building contractors have signed a code of conduct to ensure "good" working conditions; recycled polyester equivalent to 9.2 million plastic bottles has been used, and H&M uses more organic cotton in production than any other group. This year I am told, 7.6% of its cotton was organic (an industry insider estimates H&M's overall cotton use to be around 200,000 tonnes a year). By 2020 100% will be sustainably sourced cotton.

Read the full article here.

One thoughts on “Ethical Fast Fashion

  1. Love the commitment to ethical fashion! Keep it up!
    Offset Warehouse Team x


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