The Ghana ThinkTank

Whatever your feelings toward the "Kony 2012" film, it's been made pretty clear that upper class America can't go into foreign countries and expect total support for "our" way of solving political and social problems.  The Ghana ThinkTank is one artistic response that has been offered to counterbalance the often ineffective solutions that the first-world countries impose on other countries with no regards to different cultures.

"Started in 2006, the project is brilliant and simple: it’s a global network that collects problems from the “first world” and submits them to think tanks in the “third world”: in Cuba, the think tank is a three-generation family, in El Salvador a rural radio station, in Ghana a group of bike mechanics. The project then returns to the first-world community to implement the suggested solutions."

Wether or not you agree with how the United States socially and politically handles foreign policy, it's a very interesting read.

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