A Simple Closet

My friend has a lovely blog - the gracious gaze - where she's blogged a lot about the ideal simple closet.  If you had asked me a year ago to downsize my clothes, I would have laughed in your face.  However, two big factors have changed recently that have made me decide on my goal for this year - Live simply so others may simply live!

1.  My sister has moved back in with me.  Two girls sharing one closet?  Madness.  Out of lack of space I need to downsize.
2.  I'm taking a JustFaith class at my church.  It's a 30 week program that focuses on social justice from a Christian perspective.  As we're learning about truly devastating poverty, I have grown more and more aware of the excess I live with.

According to the gracious gaze, these are the rules...

The rules:
1.  Buy as little as possible
2.  Buy only good quality things that I love and that will last a long time
3.  Everything has to be able to be worn at least three ways
4.  Buy second hand - this is the big one for me

So far I've gotten rid of:
3 skirts
3 hats
3 scarves
13 shirts
2 pants
5 shoes
2 jackets

It's a start!

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