Hats Galore!

So it's a few days later, but I have to post about the insane array of hats at the royal wedding.  While I still think dresses are nicer for weddings, a few people had fantastic outfits.

Joss Stone looking absolutely killer in her outfit from High Street store Hobbs.  This is how you do morning coat.

Princess Letizia of Spain in Felipe Varela had a refreshing take on the dress code, there are only so many suit and hat combos that can be done before it gets boring.  She, on the other hand, certainly looks like a princess while channeling her inner 1920's.

I've no idea who these girls are or who they're wearing but they look stunning.  I love the black, beige, and light pink, it offsets their gorgeous blonde hair.  I've been wanting to get my hair this shade for so long but am terrified of looking like a Playboy bunny, but these girls just prove that bleach blonde can look classy too.

  Princess Marie Chantal of Greece in a fantastic steel blue-grey colored outfit, and I love the giant roses on her hat.

Finally, Carole Middleton in a Jane Corbett hat.  She looked flawless.  The light blue makes her look tan, her outfit was very fashionable and age appropriate, and I actually loved her hat.  She was dressed perfectly as the mother of the bride.

In conclusion, I'm bringing hats to America.  I've got a wedding to go to this summer, and am absolutely coordinating a fabulous hat with my outfit.  Can't wait.

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