Royal Wedding Fever

I am absolutely psyched for the royal wedding.  Earlier today I was nerding out and analyzing the music that Kate and William had chosen for the service.  Really any excuse to spend hours on end reading and watching tv about British things, I'm down.

The lovely bloggers at Topshop inspired this paint job.  Sadly, being in LA means I can't waltz down to Oxford Circus and get a pedicure from WAH Nails, so I improvised.  Not too shabby if I do say so.  

My roommate and I will absolutely be watching, wine and a 1 am wedding is just what I need.  Despite the criticism Kate has gotten for being a "commoner", I think everyone secretly loves it.  It means even I have a chance at possibly marrying a prince, so who knows... Harry is still single.  I've got a chance.

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